The shell that houses Shelter Hotel, was originally built as a 25 unit apartment building in 1971 and remained as such for a couple of decades.  During the 1990’s, the building changed ownership and was converted and operated by a well known hotel franchise, until 2007 when a young entrepreneur purchased the property with a dream of  having a boutique hotel that offered a luxury experience at an affordable price. 

The property closed down completely in January 2009 and renovations commenced to turn an outdated concept into something chic and stylish.  After almost 9 months of hard work and sweat (and sometimes tears), we opened the doors with 17 rooms ready to go.  The date was September 11th 2009 and we had one guest.

In the 650+ days of operation,  we’ve since continued renovations and now offer 45 rooms (soon to be 47) with minimal design aspects featuring a 32 inch flat screen televisions, iPod docking stations and free wi-fi and parking.  We are on pace to become one of the most popular hotels in the Los Angeles area, providing exceptional, unpretentious service that can be obtained by anyone.

Although, the entire property is not completed (expected to be finished in mid August), we’re dedicated to provide top level service to all of our guests.

More to come…

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